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membranas manufactures electrical grade, high-purity pressboard in sheets, made entirely of high-strength and purity sulphate (Kraft) unbleached cellulose fibers. most of our manufacturing equipment was designed or modified in-house and it's built to maintain the fiber's purity and adequately develop its mechanical strength.

we produce mostly low-density calendered-type board but can also customize materials for client's needs by modifying density, flexibility and make special thicknesses that are not commonly available on the market.

with over 25 years of expertise in insulating pressboard, membranas has continuously supplied all mexican oems of oil-filled distribution transformers and exported our board to north and south america. 


  • key component of the insulation system for oil-filled electrical distribution and power transformers.

  • insulating parts for all kinds of oil-cooled electrical machines.

  • miscellaneous mechanical and electrical parts that benefit from a high-purity material with no melting point.

  • demanding packaging solutions.


  • sheet size: 950 x 1350 mm and 950 x 1950 mm

  • thickness: 0.5 to 6.0 mm

  • density: from 0.9 to 1.2 g/cc

  • custom sizes and thicknesses available upon request.

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