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membranas has been the exclusive distributor in mexico of all transformer insulating materials from krempel germany since 2002. krempel has over 120 years of experience manufacturing world-class insulating papers, boards, films and composites.

we carry all of krempel's oil-insulated and dry-type transformer materials locally and can custom-slit to your needs. their dpp is on a higher level of quality compared to most offerings on the market, and the reason is simple: better base-paper and better resin systems.

please visit for more information.

membranas also sources, imports and stocks a variety of kraft insulating papers from the leading european manufacturers. plain, creped, high or low density and many other specialty papers are handled daily in our specialized warehouses where we deliver only the most demanding high-purity papers and films. 

custom slitting and kitting are also offered on demand.

kraft papers


  • main component of insulation systems for oil-filled electrical distribution and power transformers.

  • turn-to-turn insulation on all kinds of electrical coils.

  • diamond pattern paper (dpp) bonds to conductors in distribution transformers to improve mechanical strength of coils.

  • creped papers with high elongation are able to conform to irregular conducting surfaces and parts.


  • width: 5.0 to 3,000 mm

  • thickness: 20 to 500 micron (µm)

  • density: from 0.3 to 1.3 g/cc 

  • elongation: up to 200%

  • many other properties and sizes available upon request.

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